School Counsellor

Verna Hill - School Counsellor

Verna Hill - School Counsellor


We recognise the importance of children's mental health, who can learn if their mind is preoccupied with worries? 

Our School Counsellor Verna greets the children and parents everyday, supporting anxious children and parents, reassuring them and providing a listening ear.

Once the school community is settled and accessing lessons, Verna provides a range of services every morning including:

  • 1:1 theraputic counselling sessions (45 minutes)
  • Friendship groups.
  • Transition groups.
  • Social and communication groups.
  • Parent support.
  • Parent workshops.
  • Time to talk - self/teacher referral over break-time.

1:1 sessions and group work begin with an initial assessment including SDQ, this is also carried out at the mid-point and end of counselling block to monitor effectiveness. Parents, teachers and external agencies are all involved in this process, ensuring that the process is as effective as possible with positive, long-term benefits.