School Achievements

Nurturing Schools Award

At Warren Hills, we are very proud of our nurturing ethos. We encourage children to investigate their own and other people's feelings and support them in finding strategies to deal with them to become responsible citizens. Through this we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Nurting Schools Award.

Eco Bronze Award

The Eco Commitee are led by Mr Daren and Mrs Curtis and are made up of a group of polite, eco conscious and hard-working children. As a committee, we have discussed the action points that the school needs to take in order for us to be more eco aware and eco- friendly. An example of the work we have carried out has been organising litter picks for the school; ordering and distributing recycling bins for each class; informing the whole school about Earth Day and encouraging children to recycle at home by sending them home with recyclable battery packs. As recognition of our hard work, we have been awarded the prestigious Eco School’s Bronze Award.


School Games Gold Award

Our children take part in many sporting activities within PE lessons, during after school clubs and in competitions with other local schools and we have just been awarded the School Games Gold Award for 2022-23.

Routes to Resillience 

We are delighted to announce that we have been acredited with being a Routes to Resilience school. Our school actively talk about 30 words that help us to develop our character and develop resillience. 


Forest Champions

We are very excited to have two members of our teaching staff who have now gained the Forest School Teacher acreditation. In the summer Tterm we were asked by the National Forest to plant some of their trees in our school grounds and have been awared a Forest Champion plaque.


Happy Lunchtimes

All of our lunchtime staff, recieved training on how to make a happier lunchtime and as a school, we were awarded with a Happy Lunchtime certifictae. The lunchtime supervisors were keen to develop the new ideas that they had learnt. The Zone and skipping are very popular areas, that are always busy and happy at lunchtime. 



Gold Beyond Bullying Award

At Warren Hills we want all children to be happy and feel safe, therefore we take any incidents of bullying very seriously. In 2023, we worked with Leicestershire County Council to develop our policy and enhance our practice further. We are pleased to announce that we were awarded the Gold Beyond Bullying Award.