Religious Education

RE Statement of Intent


In a rapidly changing world, Religious Education (RE) is an indispensable part of the primary curriculum. Effective RE, which allows time to reflect, analyse and question, ensures children will grow up with the ability to reason about their own ideas and beliefs as well as showing respect and tolerance to people with differing views. Essential skills of debating, enquiring and interpreting will help children to become active, fulfilled citizens of a multicultural society. RE has two key strengths: as an academic subject which can show progression in knowledge and skills and as a methodology for instilling a sense of curiosity and compassion for human kind.  In other words, it gives people a sense of wholeness and growth.  Here at Warren Hills, we follow The Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus (2016-21) which follows the structure of the 2014 National Curriculum ensuring that RE is comparable with other academic subjects in terms of purpose, aims and programs of study. 

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