Warren Hills Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together in friendship

Welcome to Warren Hills Community Primary School & Nursery

Ethos & Values 

 "Learning Together in Friendship"

Our School Rules which were written by the children and PC. Mark Ball as part of a special week in school.

School Rules

  • We earn and show respect to each other and our school.
  • Bullying and unkindness are not allowed.
  • Everyone has the right to be heard and treated fairly.
  • We invite new people into our school and show them that it is a fun and safe place.
  • We work to make our school a happy place where we can grow in confidence.
  • We work hard in class to learn everything that we can
  • We all follow our 'Manners Code'



                         Manners Code

  • Say please, thank you and sorry.
  • Walk sensibly around the school and be aware of other peoples' space.
  • Listen and take turns when talking.
  • Hold doors open and let adults go first.
  • Show respect to adults who visit and work in the school.
  • Eat politely and quietly.
  • Pick up litter and use the bins for fruit and rubbish.
  • Wear your uniform and represent the school with pride.
  • Don't be nosey or spread gossip.






“Pupils make good progress and are rightly proud of their achievements!”

“Teachers are very good at capturing pupils’ imagination with exciting topics.”

“Pupils find the work interesting and say how well teachers help them to improve their work.”

Ofsted 2013