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Pioneers 2019/2020

Respectful, Positive, Unique

This year, the Pioneers class is taught by Miss Canning and is supported by Miss Coulthurst and Mrs Hall. There are lots of exciting activities planned for the class this year. Keeping checking back to our website page and check Twitter to see what we get up to.

Today, on the first day of our Autumn Term as we start our journey in Pioneers, we have made a formula for what we want our classroom to look like in one months time:

  • there will be good behaviour for learning; not having to be told off, we will be working as a team to promote good behaviour
  • there will be good listening and thinking about what is being said
  • there will be no interrupting the teachers
  • there will be no time-wasting
  • everyone will feel safe inside and outside the classroom
  • we will be smartly presented - both ourselves and our classroom environment
  • we will not shout out; we patiently wait for our turn
  • we will be happy
  • we will be colourful thinkers
  • we will be learning creatively

BURPS, BOTTOMS AND BILE! (Autumn 1 2019)

Pioneers 2018/2019

Summer 2 2019 - Blue Abyss 

Summer 1 2019

We have had loads of fun in our Potions topic. We really loved the experiments that we did. We created carbon dioxide by mixing baking powder with vinegar. The best part though was when we got to walk on custard! We found out that custard is a non-Newtonian fluid, which means it is a liquid and can be poured, but as soon as you exert any pressure onto it, it takes on the properties of a solid. Some of us then went home and made oobleck, which is another non-Newtonian fluid.  

We had a wonderful trip to Long Whatton Organic Farm on Thursday 2nd May 2019. It was great to visit the farm again and see what had changed. One of our favourite moments was running through the long grass and falling over. Thanks to Dave and Amy for being amazing guides. 

Spring 2 2019

We had a great day at Castle Rock learning about 'Life Skills' and what we could do to stay safe. We learnt about the recovery position, water safety, bandaging and bleeding, how to call for the emergency services, kitchen safety and internet safety.  We also made lots of new friends from other schools. 

Making Easter Bonnets with our family and Friends

We used place value counters to explain how we could divide larger numbers that were not in the times tables we already knew.

A big thank you to Mr Richards, who is a Science teacher at a high school, who came in to teach us about liquids and what happens when we heat them up and cool them down. 

As part of our Playlist topic, we made some pan pipes. We discovered that the shorter straws made a higher pitch sound and the longer straws made a lower pitch sound. They were really hard to blow though!

Spring 1 2019     

This half term we have been learning to play badminton. So far we have practised how to throw and catch the shuttlecock. Not as easy as you might think! We have learnt how to serve using backhand and also how to hit the shuttlecock over the net. The coach, Carol, has been a great teacher. 

Our topic is 1066 and we had a Norman day. The children and staff came in costume. First we had to grind the wheat to make the flour. This was really hard. Fortunately Mrs Reynolds had also bought some flour from the shop. After that we made our own bread. To make pottage, we cut up lots of vegetables and put them in a gravy. We had to use porridge oats to bulk it out so that it would feed more people. This is what the poor Normans would have done. We weren't too sure about what it would taste like, but actually we really liked it. Some of us even asked for seconds and thirds! We also had an archery competition. 

In Science, we are learning about classification of living things. Today we went out on an invertebrate hunt. Once we had found all of the cards we took them back to class and used a classification key to find out what they were all called. 

Image result for autumn leaves   Autumn 2, 2018    Image result for autumn leaves

When we started to learn about our digestive system, we found out that our teeth were a very important part at the beginning of the process. Our teeth are different shapes and sizes to help us bite and chew different types of food. Then we tasted different types of food to see which teeth we used. That was fun. 

Each week we enjoy choosing something that we have achieved and that we are proud of to put into our Proud Scrap Books. 

We made and baked Poppy Day biscuits to share with our family and friends. 

We had a great time learning some self-defence moves in our Judo taster session. 

A great workshop of the Community Support Officers about how to stay safe, how to make a 999 call and who our trusted adults are. 

Parents joined us to make Christmas crafts

As part of our topic in Hinduism, we went on a trip to the Shree Hindu Temple in Leicester. Every morning at 10am the Hindu's worship at this temple. We were very lucky to see this. There was lots of singing and dancing. After the prayers, we were able to look at all of the deities in the temple. Hindus believe in one God but this god can take on many different forms. There is also a big bell that is rung to let God know that they are ready to worship. It was a very beautiful place. 

Image result for autumn leaves      Autumn Term 1, 2018    Image result for autumn leaves

We are starting off the year with a trip to the USA, where we will be finding about the states of America and some of their famous landmarks. We will also find out about the native Americans. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our topic on Road Trip USA and learnt lots about the States of America and the different landmarks that we would see if we visited. 

We particularly enjoyed learning about the native American tribe called the Iroquois who lived in America. They did not live in a teepee like we though, they actually lived in long houses. We listened to some native American music and made our own rain sticks. That was fun. We also listened to a story called 'The Indian in the Cupboard' about a boy who put a plastic Indian in the cupboard and it came to life. We then made our own cupboards and put plastic figures in them. Then wrote own own versions of the story. 

Pioneers 2017/2018

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure both indoor and outdoor kit is in school on those days.  

Image result for sunshineSummer Term 2, 2018Image result for sunshine

Summer Term 1, 2018  Image result for sunshine 

Investigating sound in Science

Image result for daffodils   Spring Term 2, 2018  Image result for daffodils

Happy Easter All!

Parents, family and friends helping the children to make an Easter Bonnet for our parade and competition

We loved watching the eggs in the foyer, waiting to see if they would hatch. We had 10 eggs and all of them hatched! It was great fun to hold the baby chicks when they visited us in class.  

In Science we have been learning about States of Matter. We discovered that water could be changed into a solid, liquid or gas by changing temperature. Here we are making our own mini water cycles in a bag!

Using place value counters to help us understand how short division works. We are getting there, but it is hard. 

Life Skills Day

 On Tuesday 27th February, we went to Castle Rock High School to learn some life skills. We learnt how to stay safe on the internet, how to stay safe near water, what hazards there could be in the kitchen, how to put on bandages, how to put someone into the recovery position and how to call 999. We had a fantastic day learning lots of new things. We also made lots of new friends as we were mixed up in groups with year 4 children from other schools in our Collaborative group. We can't wait to see them again next year.

Spring Term 1, 2018 Image result for crocus and snowdrops

Below are some photographs of what we have been up to this half term

We really enjoyed our badminton sessions with Carol and Eve. Thank you. 

Working collaboratively to make rules for new games. 

Image result for christmas  Autumn Term 2 2017  Image result for christmas 

A lovely morning of making Christmas decorations and calendars with parents, friend and family. Great to see you all, the children had a wonderful time.

A fantastic trip to Beaumanor Hall to learn about life in the Victorian times. We especially enjoyed the experience of the school room. One child even got the cane for using the wrong hand for writing!

The children enjoyed playing with Victorian toys and have made their own zoetrope which is a toy with moving pictures. If you spin it around quickly, it looks as though the characters are moving. 

Another new school year is upon us. We are very excited to get back to school and see our new, extended classroom. Mrs Reynolds is still the class teacher in Pioneers but this year we have Mrs Cooke as our classroom support. We have got some exciting things planned for this year, so keep checking back here to see what we've been up to. But for now, take a look at our plan for the first half term. 

Autumn Term 1 2017   Image result for autumn leaves

This half term, Mr Emmerton has been teaching us to play the Djembe drums. We have learnt an accompaniment called 'Yankadi'. To help us play the correct notes we remember it as 'dog, chee-tah, dog mon-key, dog, fish, dog, mon-key'. We are really improving in playing in time with each other. At the end of December we will be putting on a performance to the rest of the school and our parents. 

Amazing work in class and superb homework around the Iron Man. Thank you to the children and also the parents for all of your support on this topic. 

Collecting invertebrates from our school field to take back to class and classify using a key. When we had finished we made sure that we released them all back to their natural habitats. 

For Roald Dahl Day on Wednesday 13th September, we wrote some poems based on characters from his books and we also made Roly-Poly birds from the Enormous Crocodile book. Above you can see us making our birds and below is some of the rhyming poetry that we wrote.