Warren Hills Community Primary School & Nursery

Learning together in friendship

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We Are Legends!



 Welcome to Legends!


             Class Information

We are a Key Stage 1 class of Year 1 pupils aged 5 & 6 who love to learn.

Our class teacher is Miss Cowie.

Mrs Cave and Mrs Smith-Farr are our Teaching Assistants.

PE days are on Monday and Wednesday. Children need their PE kits in school, long hair should be tied back and earrings removed before school.

Books in books bags will be changed every Monday and Friday. PLEASE remember to bring in your book bags each day. You will be rewarded a Dojo a day for doing so.                                            

        Image result for smiley face   A big thank you to all of the parents who are reading with their children and recording this in the children's reading diaries.


Important Information:

PLEASE remember if your child has sickness or diarrhoea, they must be kept away from school for 48 hours after the last time they were sick or had to use the toilet. We have had a number of children off with this bug already this year. It is so important we ALL stick to these rules (recommended by Public Health England) to protect children and staff.

This applies even if your child seems fine on the second day.

Thank you!



In year 1, Phonics is a very important part of the curriculum. We have phonics sessions every morning as well as integrating Phonics within Literacy (Reading & Writing). This allows the children the chance to learn new sounds, as well as to build upon the existing sounds they are already familiar with. We follow the Ruth Miskin Phonics scheme working on Set 1 - 3 sounds.  Below I have included a copy of the sound that we follow. Upon entering Year 1 most children a familiar with Set 1 sounds. In year 1 we then build upon these sounds and introduce digraphs (two letter sound), trigraphs (three letter sound) and split digraphs .  

Spring Term 1

This term our Topic will be Moon Zoom!

Autumn Term 2

Have you ever been to London before? 

This term our Topic is called Bright Lights, Big City     Image result for LONDON

At the beginning to term we hosted a Royal Tea Party in our classroom. Before our Tea party we made place mats in the style of flags of the countries in the United Kingdom. We also decorated our very own plates and bowls for the Tea Party. We had lots of tasty treats to eat and music to dance to.  We learned how to greet the Queen and the etiquette involved in attending a Royal Tea Party.

During Our Topic we learned all about some famous Landmarks in London:

  • Big Ben
  • Tower Bridge
  • London Eye 
  • Houses of Parliament 
  • The Gherkin 
  • The Shard

We also spent a lot of time Learning about the Great Fire of London. We know that the fire started in a Bakery on Pudding Lane. We constructed 3D model houses and then added yellow, red and orange tissue paper to illustrate the fire. After this we set our houses out as though there were in a street and used model people to role-play the scene during choosing time. 


We also joined in the Year 2's re-enactment of the fire out on the school field which was fascinating to watch!

As a class we read the Town Mouse and Country Mouse story.  We used this story to help us learn about the similarities and differences of living in the countryside. We sequenced the story, drew a story map and then retold the story in our own words. 

Year 1 and 2 performed the 'Angel Express' to the whole school and to parents. Both classes practiced very hard for the production and spent lots of time learning lines and the words to songs. The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as their characters and performing to their parents


The children enjoyed their craft afternoon early December where parents and siblings came together to take part in a range of Christmas Crafts throughout the school.

Take a look at some of our learning from this term!

Autumn Term 1

This year we have welcomed 25 children into our Legends class. This term we have really enjoyed our daily Finger Gym sessions which are helping us to improve upon our fine motor skills. We have also thoroughly enjoyed our daily Go Noodle routines where we are working upon our movement and co-ordination. This term we have also introduced Cosmic Kids Yoga which helps us to develop our strength, flexibility and balance. We really look forward to continuing these different activities throughout Year 1. 


Here is one of our favourites!

This Term our Topic has been Once Upon a Time. We have been reading a wide range of Fairy Tales and Traditional Tales. Some of the interesting Stories we have been reading as a class are:

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Cinderella
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Little Red Riding-Hood
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Rapunzel 
  • Three Little Pigs 
  • Three Billy Goats Gruff


We have been sequencing these stories through cut & stick activities, using adjectives to describe characters and writing sentences with capital letters and full stops. Each week we take part in a guided reading session that is based around a focus text. We identify the red words, use our phonics to decode new and unfamiliar words and talk about the story, making predictions about what we think might happen next. 

Our topic has been heavily Literacy focused this term as we are keen to drive the children's confidence within themselves as readers. We have really been focusing in on reading; the importance of reading and reading for enjoyment. As a school we are really aiming to promote the importance of reading across all year groups! In year one we have started Book Buddies. This involves the children pairing up with another pupil in the class, choosing a book from the class library and sitting for ten minutes looking and discussing the book with their partner.  


Image result for book buddies

We have been carrying out exciting experiments in Science, construction modelling in D&T and creating beautiful works of art in Art & Design.

Take a look at some of the fun activities we have been up to.


We have been extremely busy in Maths this term! We have been real mathematicians, learning about Number & Place Value, Addition & Subtraction and Money.

Take a look at some of the activities we have been doing in class.


In year 1 there is a huge focus on Phonics. We are currently working our way through the Set 2 sounds following Ruth Miskin. We work in smaller Phonics groups which allows us to concentrate and participate a lot more easily. 


We have also been working very hard on our handwriting. Take a look!

We've also been learning our 'red words'. These are words that we cannot sound out using our Phonics. You can't Fred a red! As well as being able to read these words we went on a Common Exception word hunt around the classroom and practiced writing these words on our whiteboards. 

Here are some videos that we enjoy in class to help us recall the Alphabet, Days of the Week and Months of the Year. We like to sing these songs together. 

Academic Year 2018/19

As our topic was all about animals, we decided to do some fundraising for a local charity Canine Partners. Canine Partners is based in Osgathorpe, they are a registered charity that transforms the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs. We had an enterprise week where we made crafts to sell: cakes, bird cakes, pencil toppers and keyrings! We then invited parents into our classroom to our sale. We raised a total of £50 which we gave to Nick and Gemma from Canine Partners when they came to visit us! Great teamwork Legends!


As part of our topic "Paws, Claws and Whiskers", we had a couple of pets to visit us!


We've been developing our Scientific Process Skills and doing lots of fun experiments alongside our learning about animals. In our learning about animals, we have looked at animal groups; mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles. Also, whether the animals are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores!

During our "Bird Week", we took part in the Big Garden Birdwatch 2019....

“We have been investigating which birds visit our school and we made a tally chart. There were blue tits, blackbirds, robins and pigeons"  

We also made Bird Cakes for the birds to put on our bird feeder in our garden.


Our Maths focus has been developing our fluency in counting forwards and backwards to 20 and beyond... we're also starting to secure our understanding of place value -focusing on teen numbers in particular.  We have been busy working on our number skills in lots of different ways. We are all using our 'colourful brains' to challenge ourselves. We've also been exploring areas of measure. 

Academic Year 2018/2019

Academic Year 2017/2018

Summer Term 1

Spring Term 2

Easter Bonnets

We invited parents in to help the children make an Easter Bonnet, check out our creations....!

A visit from Reverend Andy

We invited Reverend Andy to visit us in class and teach us the Easter Story. We had great fun acting out some parts of the story...


We've been busy developing our understanding of number and other areas of maths...


We've been having lots of fun in science. 

"Can people with longer legs jump further?"

"Can I whisk egg whites until I can hold them over your head?"

"What material best protects a falling egg?"


We had the pleasure of these little chicks in our class all day! We learned about the life cycle of a chicken and held the chicks too!

The Highway Rat

This term we have been inspired by some of Julia Donaldson's books. We have read The Smartest Giant in Town, A Squash and a Squeeze and The Highway Rat. Here are some photos of us acting. We pretended to be a Police Detective interviewing all of the victims of the Highway Rat's thieving ways!

Spring Term 1

Children's Mental Health week

This week is Children's Mental Health week. We have been talking about how we are all unique like snowflakes, and each of us has a different talent and things we find tricky. We made some beautiful rainbows which say what our friend is good at, what they find tricky and what makes them a super friend. Here we are working in partners to create them...

People who help us

Florence Nightingale

We have been learning about Florence Nightingale, and how she a became famous nurse. We acted out the story of her life, and we did a story mountain and then we did our BIG WRITE!

Visitors from the Community!

Police Officers

Week 4 - we were visited by NW Leicestershire Police Officers Tiff  and Mark. They let us try on their uniform and sit in their police car. We asked them lots of interesting questions about their role in the community and how they help us.

Counting in twos 

School Nurses

Week 3 - The School Nurses came into school to talk to us about how to care for our teeth.

Fire Service

Week 2 - we were visited by the Fire Service and they brought their Fire Engine! We got the opportunity to sit in it (it was very high!) and squirt the water from the hose! They also talked to us about other equipment they use to help people. 

Autumn Term 2

Our new Topic is On the Move!

Nativity!   ... Bethlehem was definitely Buzzin'

The wonderful cast from Year 1...

Parent Christmas Craft Morning


We had such an exciting day with Gilly at East Midlands Airport in their onsite classroom and role play 'East Minilands'! We went inside the airport itself and did role play and other fun activities there.

We're 'On The Move'!

We were busy in our PE lesson this week - moving our bodies in different ways; skipping, throwing, balancing, carrying, kicking and jumping. 

Traffic Survey

Stinky Senses Investigation!

Miss Canning put lots of different smelly things in identical pots, and we had to rely our sense of smell ONLY to identify what was inside! We worked in teams and wrote our predictions on mini whiteboards. Then we found out if we had made good predictions during the big reveal!

Shared Spooky Halloween Writing

We used our imaginations and worked in pairs to jot down notes about a spooky Halloween castle picture. Once we'd shared all our awesome ideas, we selected our favourites and used them to write an introduction to a story...it was really gripping and exciting. We decided if we read it in a story- it would make us want to read on!

"In a deep, dark wood was a haunted castle. Whilst washing the pots, Winnie the witch was thinking about how she would poison the children..."

Numicon Teen Numbers!

Celebrating Homework - All about Me

We were blown away with some fabulous homework which included handwritten books, family trees and other creative masterpieces!




Autumn Term 1 2017/2018

Welcome to our lovely new Legends!

We have been having lots of fun exploring our new classroom and getting to know the children's interests. The staff have also been developing our classroom environment to make the most out of the indoor and outdoor space.

This year we have decided to trial a child-led approach which is similar to 4+; celebrating learning through play. We are excited to be giving the children opportunities to follow their own interests.

Investigating sharks, creating crocodiles, building zoos and having paper aeroplane contests are just some of the things we have been doing in our ChIL time (Child Initiated Learning Time).


Legends class have been trying hard to show our class values which we chose during our first week of Year 1.