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Welcome to Warren Hills Primary School. We hope that you will find this website a useful source of information that keeps you up to date with all the exciting activities that happen in our school.





Class information 

Teachers: Mrs Felstead (Monday - Wednesday)  Miss Horrill (Wednesday - Friday)

Teaching assistant - Mrs Smith, Miss Coulthurst

Swimming will not be starting at the beginning of term due to COVID19, we will update you when we know more.

PE will be on Wednesday mornings with our sports coach Mr Stevens. Please make sure your child has a named PE kit for indoor and outdoor lessons. TRAINERS are essential.

Welcome back!

We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and ready to get back to work. It was great seeing so many of you in the last half term coming to school. It gave us a great understanding on everyone's abilities and how much work you had all done during home schooling. Our topic this term is 'Street Detective' which is full of fun activities. We will be concentrating on English and maths a lot to ensure all the gaps are covered due to the lockdown. Please make sure you hear your child read at least 3 times a week (everyday would be great but we understand the pressures of family life!). Reading is so important for their phonic development in reading and writing.

The classrooms and school are looking different to what we are used to but many of you got to experience this before the summer holidays. We are really looking forward to seeing you all and getting back to some kind of normality!

We have been using the lap tops to learn how to type in sentences using different functions on the key board. We can also change the size, colour and text style of our work. We have also learnt how to insert pictures.

The Great Fire of London 

We had a great afternoon with Tom from Partake acting out the events in the Great Fire of London. We all know so many facts about the events that happened.

Science - Investigative work

We have been looking at the suitability of materials for different jobs. In this investigation we were finding out which materials were waterproof.

In this investigation we were finding out the suitability of materials to make a bridge. 

Whole class reading

Every week we have a vipers reading session to develop our reading and comprehension skills. 

We are using the book,  The deep dark wood. What do you think the story is about? Who do you think lives in this wood?


We have been exploring 3D shapes. We tried to make 3D shapes and used 3D shapes to make models. We could name the 3D shapes we made and used. Can you identify a cone, sphere, cylinder, cube, cuboid, triangular prism and pyramid?

Science - sorting and grouping work 

We have been talking about things that are living, not living any more and never lived. We went outside to find examples of these ideas. Can you identify things that are not living anymore?


As part of our street detective topic we worked with our partners to give them directions to move around a map. We then used a program on the laptops to put directions/instructions in to move something around a maze. Some of us got muddled with left and right!

Maths - 2D shapes

We used 2D shapes to make pictures. We had to name the shapes that we used. Did you know a hexagon has six sides?

Learning walk 

We started our Street detective topic with a walk around the local area. We looked at different types of houses, physical features and human features.

Summer 1 

Hopefully you have received your login details for the online learning platform, Weduc, we are using during this time of school closures. We will be uploading lessons and work for the children to carry out at home. We have suggested a timetable for you to use at home below. Below the timetable are some links to the websites we recommend. Twinkl is site we use a lot in school to support our teaching and during this time it is free to use at the home.


teaching resources

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BBC bitesize KS1

learning resource

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spelling shed

on line spelling

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White Rose Maths

maths home learning

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phonics play

phonic games

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Spring 2 

This term is a busy tem with our two trips to the farm and to Tamworth Castle. Both of these trips will support our topic work and inspire our writing. 

Trip to Tamworth Castle 

We had a great time visiting Tamworth Castle. We learnt all about being a squire and how to dress ourselves in a suit of armour. We also learnt about the different weapons in the armoury. We had training in becoming a castle servant! We had a good look around all the different rooms in the castle. We got a bit scared when we went up the haunted stairs! Can you guess who are wearing the knights helmets?

Create your own dragon

We had some wonderful descriptions about the different dragons created in class. Alfie's dragon was an electric dragon who eats electric wires and will electrocute you! Sarim's dragon was an ice dragon who lives in a snowy cave.

Science - Where do worms like to live?

To start our investigation we had to collect worms. We learnt that adult worms have a saddle and worms have tiny hairs on their bodies to help them move along.

Where do worms like to live continued....

We chose different materials for our worms to live in; soil, sand, bark, stones, grass and twigs. We put the worms in the middle of the materials and left them overnight to chose where they would like to live. The next day we carefully looked to see which material the worms were living in. The worms mainly chose soil and sand.

English - Story writing 

We tried really hard to apply all the Year 2 skills into our writing. We are not afraid to make mistakes because we can improve our work when we do.

Maths and ICT

We have been looking at weight in maths and learning how to read scales. We used a game on the computer to find out the weight of different objects. 


In science we are looking at the different ways to group animals. Can you name an animal that belongs in the reptile group? Did you know that mammals have flapping ears? 

A dragon's egg!!

A dragon's egg arrived at school for us to look after so we had to do some research and write down some instructions.

We used 'bossy' verbs to start our instructions and had to write them in the present tense.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Miss Horrill read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then we had to write about it making sure we got things in order. We tried to use some interesting vocabulary and extend our sentences.

Spring 1

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a relaxing Christmas break and ready for the term ahead. Our topic this term is 'Muck, mess and mixture!' which was quite a hit with the Year 2 class last year. Prepare to get mucky as we will be having a messy day on the first Wednesday back! Later in the term we will be having a science day where we will be making mixtures of different sorts. We will be using the Roald Dahl book George's Marvellous Medicine to inspire our English work.

Science day

We had a brilliant day doing science experiments. Mrs Felstead made an erupting volcano, minty geyser and flying film cannister. We made rainbow rain, fizzing potions, skittles pattern and a twirly swirly show. We learnt how mixing certain ingredients causes a chemical reaction. If you mix an acid (vinegar or lemon juice)with an alkaline (bicarbonate of soda) carbon dioxide gas is formed. Our favourite was the minty geyser because Mrs Felstead nearly got covered in coke!

Internet safety day

The police visited us to talk about how to stay safe on the internet. They were very impressed with how much we knew from our e-safety lessons earlier in the year.

Hot and cold science 

We made jelly using hot and cold water. We even mixed the colours/flavours!  Mrs Smith carried out an investigation to see what would happen to different foods when they were heated up. Mrs Felstead had prepared some ice cube paints which were great fun to paint with. We observed changes from a solid to a liquid, liquid to a gas, liquid to a solid and gas to a liquid. 

Yum yum!

The jelly was delicious!


We are using 2Logo to practise our position and direction.


We are trying hard to read through our work and check it for any mistakes. We don't want our teachers to use green pen (green for growth)to highlight any mistakes. We want pink pen (tickled pink) to highlight great work.

Is it waterproof?

In science we tested lots of different materials to see if they absorbed water. We had to measure 5ml of water into a syringe and squirt it onto wood, plastic, rock, cotton wool, tin foil, cardboard and fabric. We observed and recorded what happened.

George's Marvellous Medicine

George's Marvellous medicine has inspired our writing and poetry work. We have come up with some great command sentences....

"Go and get my medicine!"

We have used some great adverbs.....

Grandma began to grow quickly  through the roof.

We have used some expanded noun phrases....

George mixed the brown gloopy medicine.

We have used commas in list sentences....

He put in shampoo, lipstick and toothpaste.

We have used some exclamation sentences....

How quickly Grandma grew through the roof!

Badminton lessons

We are learning the skills of Badminton in our PE lessons with Carole from the Hermitage Leisure Centre.


  We are using the VIPERS approach to help with our reading comprehension. 



Which material is a good insulator? We tested different containers to see which one would keep the water warmest for longest. We carefully read the scale on the side of the thermometer and recorded our findings.

Wake up!

We have been using BBC supermovers site to get us ready for our learning by waking our bodies up with some dances.

What is mud?

In science we carefully measured out different amounts of water and added it to our soil samples. We had to explore the mud to see what properties it had. 

"I can stretch this sample."

"I can roll it into a ball."

"This is too runny!"

"It feels smooth."

When we looked through the soil samples we had to record what we found using science knowledge from the Autumn term:

Living, Never lived or Dead

"I found a worm!"

"This plastic lid has never lived."

"These leaves are dead."

Messy day!

To start our new topic we had a very messy but fun day exploring muck, mess and mixtures. Thank you to our cleaners at the end of the day!

Autumn 2 

We hope you have all had a good half term and recharged your batteries ready for the 9 week term till Christmas! Our topic this term is called Street Detective where we will be looking at the local area and going back in time to the Great Fire of London. We will be going on a trip to Coalville library, take part in a visiting workshop on the Great Fire of London and taking part in some road safety training. We will also squeeze in rehearsing for the KS1 Christmas play!


We brought our 5 week science investigation to an end. 5 weeks ago we placed different materials into salty water (the sea) to see if they would degrade over time. Every week we have been making observations and every day we shook our bottles 20 times to simulate the waves. We emptied our materials onto paper towels and used magnifying glasses to make our final observations and conclusions. 

"The metal paper clip has started to go to rusty."

"The paper straw has started to degrade."

"The plastic bag has not degraded at all."

Parent Christmas craft morning

Thank you to all our parents and grandparents who came in to help us make calendars and advent wreaths.

Class assembly 

We performed our class assembly about what we have learnt on the Great Fire of London. Our parents and grandparents came to watch. We retold the events and sang a song.


We pretended to be Thomas Fariner the baker who started the Great Fire of London in his bakery on Pudding Lane. We made jam turnovers using the jam we made earlier in the term. Luckily we didn't start a fire in school!

Traffic survey

As part of out maths learning on collecting data we carried out a traffic survey.


We have been looking at question marks and their uses. We played the headband game where we had to ask questions to work out what type of transport was on our bands.

"Does it have wheels?"

"Can it fly?"

"Where does it travel?"

"How many wheels has it got?"

Anti-bullying week

The theme to this year's anti-bullying week was 'Change starts with us.' We came up with lots of ideas to make our school even better.






Trip to Coalville Library

We all went to Coalville library to find out about all their services. Some of us were already members and 15 of us became members. We got to borrow a book.

Science investigation - Will it degrade?

We have been finding out about living and not living materials. We also talked about the pollution in the Worlds oceans and the type of materials that are dumped in them. In our investigation we put different materials into salty water to represent the sea. We will shake our bottles 20 times every day for the waves. After 6 weeks of observing we will see if living or non living materials will degrade.

Multi skills 

We all went to the Hermitage Leisure Centre to take part in some sporting activities with children from other local primary schools.


Mr Stevens was helping us to achieve our climbing targets. We had to use our core and upper body strength!


We have started our new area of science learning all about living. We worked in groups to put down our ideas of how we know we are alive.

We decided that being alive means that you grow, move, breathe, eat and drink and reproduce.

Living or not living?

We went outside to look for things that are living and not living.

Special visitors

Mrs Cuttle brought in her puppies for us to look at. They were definitely living! 

Road safety training

We had a fun session learning about how to keep ourselves safe on the roads.

Welcome back. We hope you have all had a great summer break and ready for the new school year. Reading will be a big focus this year. This will support your child's development in writing. We recommend you listen/share a book with your child for 15 minutes every day. Please make sure your child has their book bag in school every day. Use the link below for some reading ideas.


Our topic for the first term is 'Superheroes'. 


Write/draw/research a real life hero/heroine from the past or present and tell us why they are a hero/heroine.


Choose your favourite superhero and tell us all about them by drawing or writing. What are their superpowers? Where do they live? What do they eat?


Create your own superhero with a special power. Draw and write about them.

Homework can be brought in at any time over the term to share with the class and earn dojo's for effort and presentation.


Using different apparatus to make numbers using our place value knowledge.

Super movers!

We are trying to be more active in our lessons as this helps our brains focus more. We have been doing the alphabet dance using super movers on BBC Teach.


We are making good use of our new reading folders changing our books in the morning and doing more reading at home. Some of us have moved up to a new level already!


We have been investigating the force of squashing. We had to find out which type of sponge held the most water so we had to use lots of squeezing force! We also made some salt dough and squashed it into different shapes.

Harvest service

We really enjoyed performing our song for the harvest service in St David's Church.


We investigated the force of twisting to make materials stronger.


Testing different materials to see which ones were bendy and rigid.


We have been learning how to use a ruler to measure things with.


We have been investigating how and why clothes stretch. We then carried out an experiment to see how far different materials would stretch. We used our knowledge of using a ruler to measure the distance they stretched.

Summer 2

We hope you all had a good rest over half term after all those SATs! We have another action packed final half term coming up. Our topic takes a nautical feel so watch out for those pirates! We have sports day and Warren Hills got talent coming up so we hope you have been practising your hidden talents!

Summer 1 

We hope you have all had a great Easter and not eaten too many chocolate eggs!! This term is a busy tem with our two trips to the farm and to Tamworth Castle. Both of these trips will support our topic work and inspire our writing. We will also be working towards our KS1 SATs tests and teacher assessments. Please keep up the reading at home to support with this.

Science - Animal habitats

Farm trip

Spring 2

We are going to have a very bouncy first day back! Look out for photos!

PE - Personal targets

We had a bouncing time in PE as part of our Topic work. We had 4 work stations:  bench bunny bounce, skipping, bounce a ball and hurdle bounce. Mrs Felstead timed us for 1 minute to see how many bounces we could do then we had a second attempt to see if we could beat our score. We worked with a partner to help count for each other!

Teaching Year 1!

In our PE lessons we have been working in a group making our own games then we taught the Year 1s how to play them. It was harder than we thought and some of us are having second thoughts about becoming a teacher!

Reading practice

We are working very hard at our comprehension reading skills in readiness for our SATs in May.

Bouncy day! 

We had a surprise on our first day back - 16 animal hoppers. We had great fun bouncing!


In science we have been talking about how to look after ourselves. We have discussed a healthy diet, exercise and hygiene. We talked about how to look after our teeth so we had a good look at them. Mrs Felstead gave us a biscuit and then we looked to see where it got stuck around our teeth!! Then we had to give our teeth a good brush for 2 minutes.

Measuring fun

We had to work out how many bounces it would take us to travel over 2m, 4m and 6m. Then we had to time each other to see how long it would take to travel over 10m, 15m and 20m. 

Children should be physically active for 60 minutes every day. Try using some of the change4life activities below.


Ideas for keeping children active

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